Advance Metering Infrastructure

NSOFT Smart Read IoT modules and Integrated Smart meters are disruptive  low-cost AMI solutions that allow automatic & remote meter reading, billing & collection, energy accounting, loss reduction and revenue enhancement for utilities.

What does our AMI do?

  • NSOFT’s AMI system helps read meter data and control meters remotely & automatically
  • It comprises Smart meters and Smart Read IoT modules that convert existing DLMS meters into Smart meters.
  • Communication modules based on LoRA, GSM, WiFi transmit data to the HES and work across topographies, high density and “difficult to access” areas.
  • A robust cloud based Head End Software system is used for billing, Revenue management and analytics.
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What does our TRM software do?

TRM is a head end software, which can automatically communicate with the meter wirelessly as in the case of AMI, or manually collect meter data using a range of intermediate devices like mobile phones, spot billing machines, optical ports which in turn communicate with the software over GPRS.

TRM system captures consumer details, maintains consumer master data, records actual consumption, keeps consumption history, produces bills on the spot in the field, captures cash collection data, matches consumption, demand and collection data, accounts for energy usage, churns the enormous amount of big data collected, analyses the data and produces a variety of reports & dashboards to management for operational control.

The system has a powerful and robust rules engine that maps the workflow and business rules in utilities and automates the process.

Consumers can be categorized, differential pricing schemes can be implemented, subsidy can be administered, forecasting and analysis of data can be done to support top management in decision making.


Our Disruptive Smart Read IoT module creates a low cost AMI system and is an end-to-end solution. 

Smart IOT module

Smart Module with a communication system that works on RF, LORA, WiFi and Cellular technologies.


Utility can switch between pre-paid and post-paid AMI systems. Both systems can be operated in parallel for various segments of consumers.

AUTOMATIC meter reading, billing & collections

Remote, real-time meter reading, automatic bill generation & distribution, auto disconnect & reconnect subject to non-payment results in 100% Billing & collections.

Smart grid applications

Use the system for Distribution automation, Outage Management system, Predictive transformer monitoring, Fault detection, Isolation and Restoration (FDIR) & Distributed energy resource management system (DERMS). 

2 way communication

Allows bi-directional communication between the Meter and Head End Software

realtime energy audit & energy accounting

The system helps record meter readings in real time at various points in the distribution network, corelate data and account for energy. Detect leakages.

safegaurd existing investment

Convert existing electronic meter infrastructure into AMI with our Smart Modules at a fraction of the cost, and enhance value of investments already made in DLMS meters.

Energy Management

Our Software analyses the consumption data to help in demand supply balancing, energy demand forecasting and power purchase decisions.

Modular Design

Can use regular DLMS meters, works with third party networks and software, easy to service and maintain locally.

Head End Software

The system comes with a robust Head end software with MDAS and MDMS, that manages data, billing, revenue management, energy accounting and Reports.

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demand side management

Detect tampers, malfunction, outages, link with Demand Response programs, provide consumer apps for energy management.

Other functionality

  • Outage Management System
  • Load management & balancing
  • Alerts, messaging & notifications
  • Mobile Applications for billing and workflow management