Total Revenue Management for Utilities

TRM: Total Revenue Management software

  • NSOFT TRM (Total revenue management solution) is a complete head end software solution that captures and manages meter data, automates work process around billing and collections reconciliation, provides data analytics capabilities and provides operational visibility to top management through a host of reports through MIS dashboards.
  • It helps reduce loss, increases billing & collection efficiencies, and helps Utilities to increase profits & revenue.  

What does our TRM software do?

TRM is a head end software, which can automatically communicate with the meter wirelessly as in the case of AMI, or manually collect meter data using a range of intermediate devices like mobile phones, spot billing machines, optical ports which in turn communicate with the software over GPRS.

TRM system captures consumer details, maintains consumer master data, records actual consumption, keeps consumption history, produces bills on the spot in the field, captures cash collection data, matches consumption, demand and collection data, accounts for energy usage, churns the enormous amount of big data collected, analyses the data and produces a variety of reports & dashboards to management for operational control.

The system has a powerful and robust rules engine that maps the workflow and business rules in utilities and automates the process.

Consumers can be categorized, differential pricing schemes can be implemented, subsidy can be administered, forecasting and analysis of data can be done to support top management in decision making.


Our Cloud based TRM includes a host of features that come with web access, mobile applications and a host of analytics capabilities

billing & collections management

Instant Bill generation, bill distribution, receivables management, auto disconnect/reconnect (for AMI), Reconciliation of collections, integration with third party payment systems.


Data encryption, data integrity, confidentiality, Secured Access control for application, Audit trails.

MIS: Dashboards & REPORTS

Generate various views/reports most suited for decision making, DCB reports etc. 


Meter Data Acquisition system acquired meter data through manual metering methods as well as automatically through AMR/AMI.

data analytics

Slice and dice data and views most suited for easy decision making, implementation of subsidy programs, impact analysis of pricing policy, customer segmentation analysts; Cause effect analysis using data.

utility administration

Work flow design, mapping of Utility hierarchy and administrative structure design. Modules for Utility officers.

realtime energy audit & energy accounting

The system helps record meter readings in real time at various points in the distribution network, corelate data and account for energy. Detect leakages.


Consumer data records, history, consumer tagging and indexing management.


Mobile app and portal for consumer self service, bill payment, viewing history, energy management and compliants.

Other functionality

  • Outage Management System
  • Load management & balancing
  • Alerts, messaging & notifications
  • Mobile Applications for billing and workflow management


Meter Dara Management System collects, stores and manages meter data. Captures meter data parameters and Tamper Events, performs data integrity checks and audits.